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Since 1971

Medi-Aid Centre Foundation (Medi-Aid) is a Public Benevolent Institution; a not-for-profit charity established in 1971 by Dr John F. Knight (AM) and his wife Noreen. Medi-Aid’s purpose and core activity is to help financially disadvantaged elderly Australians, by putting a roof over their heads. Medi-Aid provide affordable housing accommodation for elderly Australians across all socio-economic groups, especially those with no government support, home or back up funds. 

Most of Medi-Aid’s accommodation is a direct outcome of benevolent activity, which has been achieved over many years through a strategy of residential property purchases and land acquisitions.  This strategy continues to serve Medi-Aid and the people it supports.   

Medi-Aid serves hundreds of seniors in New South Wales and Queensland. Its portfolio continues to grow, consolidating the future of the charity in bricks and mortar. Its proud tradition and legacy continues today in the very capable hands of The Knight’s eldest son David Knight, its CEO, who has worked alongside his parents since 1985.

Our strength lies in the people we help, fulfilling their dreams of a carefree, peaceful retirement. Something we believe every Australian should have the right to enjoy.

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